Top 5 Emotional Difficulties of People with Learning Disabilities

Adults with learning disabilities often feel shame, fear, emotional sensitivity, emotional regulation, and struggle with adjusting to change. We describe these 5 difficulties so you can see if you face these issues. Shame Fear Emotional Sensitivity Emotional Regulation Difficulty of Adjusting to Change 1. Shame People growing up with a learning disability often feel a […]

Finding Your LD/ADD Pride Accepting Your LD/ADD

Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. How to Use This Module 3. Important Note for Adults with Both LD and ADD 4. Equipment and Supplies 5. Stages of Grief – Accepting your LD/ADD 6  What Stage am I at? 7. LD/ADD Gifts – Recognizing Your Strengths 8. Creativity Time! – LD/ADD Envelopes Exercise 9. Ready […]

How To Increase LD Pride In Your Community

Be social… Arrange a social group for LD and ADD youth/adults to meet regularly for social activities… …including: picnics bike rides/ walking bowling movie nights arts and crafts dances horseback riding rock climbing, etc. etc. etc….. Arrange a comedy night or talent show performed by LD/ADD people   (This could be a fund raiser). Help […]

Tearing Down the Wall -a Story of Learning Disability and Deafness

Tearing Down the Wall By Jodi Becker Kinner I would like to share my story with you about how “the wall” applies to my life.   When my mother explained to me about my “wall” and how it affected my academic potential, I looked back and thought about how “the wall” applies to me. After […]

What Is Your Definition of LD Pride?

This is the place where you can find out what other people think LD Pride is all about… Thank you for your contribution!  Contribute your definition: In the subject line of your email, please use the phrase, “LD Pride Definition”. According to You, LD Pride is… … knowing that your learning difference gives a […]

Stages Of Grief – Accepting Your LD/ADD

When you are first diagnosed with learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder, you will likely feel a great sense of relief that you can finally put a name to your difficulties. You will feel validated that you do, in fact, have a bona fide disability and your problems are not a matter of being lazy […]

Finding Your LD/ADD Pride 

 LD/ADD Gifts – Recognizing Your Strengths Please note: The following is only one section of my latest self-help module ” Finding your LD/ADD Pride! Accepting Your LD/ADD” Many adults with LD/ADD are so overwhelmed by their weaknesses, they forget to recognize their strengths and abilities. This is an understandable reaction (most people tend to focus […]

Top Ten Strategies for Adults with ADD

By Tim Vaughan, Life Coach 1.    Create a dynamic support structure It is imperative to have people surrounding you that both understand and nurture you. It is awfully lonely and frustrating to feel like a square peg in a round world. These feelings can be lessened once you build a support structure that satisfies your […]

Chapter 11: Planning For Your Future

“You might wonder how your future can be part of the mystery of your learning disability. But really, what is more, mysterious than the future? Of course, we can’t really see into your future, but when you have a learning disability it is extremely important to plan ahead.” “As you have learned, a learning disability does […]