Chapter 10: Becoming an Effective Self-Advocate

Words to know for chapter Ten:Accommodation – something to make learning easier Anticipate – thinking about what might happen Right – what the law says you should get Rehearse – doing it over and overResponsibility – what you are supposed to do Compromise – “giving in” a little to make a “deal”  Support – someone to help you “We are really […]

Chapter 9: Learning Disabilities And The Law

Words to know for chapter nine:ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act Equal Opportunity – everyone can do it Accommodation – something to make things easier  Interfere – get in the way  Section 504 – part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973  IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Federal – involves the entire United States Qualified – meets someone’s requirement Assessment – measuring […]

Chapter 6: Other Issues Related To Learning Disabilities

Words to know for chapter Six: Self-esteem – how you feel about or “value” yourself Fear-of-failure– afraid to try because you might fail Withdrawn– staying to yourself, avoiding others Resistant – not wanting to do somethingObnoxious– being annoying or offensive Communication – sharing information with others Body language– using your body to show how you […]