How To Increase LD Pride In Your Community

Be social…

Arrange a social group for LD and ADD youth/adults to meet regularly for social activities…


  • picnics
  • bike rides/ walking
  • bowling
  • movie nights
  • arts and crafts
  • dances
  • horseback riding
  • rock climbing, etc. etc. etc…..

Arrange a comedy night or talent show performed by LD/ADD people

      (This could be a fund raiser).

Help others…

  • Become an LD/ADD mentor for an LD/ADD youth or child
  • Become an  LD/ADD peer counselor at your local LDA or other LD/ADD organization.
  • Become an  LD/ADD social worker and work with LD/ADD people
  • Start your own organization for LD/ADD people (this is how IADA got started)
  • Arrange a panel of successful LD/ADD adults to tell LD and ADHD youth/children how they made it

Get Political…

Join the fight to get accommodations and access to services for LD/ADD people
Do you have other ideas to add to this list?  We would love to hear them, just comment below.