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Learning  Disabilities and ADD Associations

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Canadian Federation of Invisible Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of California

Vancouver Learning Disabilities Association, British Columbia, Canada

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, Canada

LDA of the Genesee Valley, Inc.

LDA of Ottawa-Carleton

The Dyslexia Institute (based in the United Kingdom)

Park City Learning Disabilities Association

The International Dyslexia Association

The National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Attention Deficit Disorder Association – SR

LD Online Resources
Web Talkster v3.0

Web Talkster v3.0 is a “talking browser” designed by code-it.com, a software & web development group. Simply stated, it reads the content of web pages out loud so you don’t have to read it yourself. It is ideal for people with dyslexia who have trouble reading. You can even use it to read the content of this site, if you like! 

Best of all, the software application is FREE for download with the option to register. What is really neat about this browser is that it uses a number of fun animated characters to “read” the content of a web page. Click here to download the program or learn more about the software by clicking the link above. 

LDinfo Web Site 

This site is dedicated to the advancement of practical knowledge and understanding about the often mysterious world of learning disabilities. The key word here is “practical”. You can say that again! The key word is…

LD Online

This is a great site with extensive LD related links. To find them, follow this link:
Finding Help. LD Pride Online is listed in this index.

Search Yahoo’s learning disability listings. 

LD Chat

Provides a supportive chat room and bulletin board for parent’s of LD children and young adults. 

Kitty Petty ADD/LD Institute

A non-profit corporation providing education, resources and support to children, youth and adults with ADD/LD.

Hidden Brilliance

This site is for anyone living with a speech impediment, learning disability, or other disability that hides their True Brilliance!

National Institute of Mental Health – Learning Disabilities

Find out what LD is all about.

Nation Institute of Mental Heath – General Public Publications Order Form

Order free Information about LD, AD(H)D and other disorders.


This site has all sort of information about Non-verbal Learning disabilities.

This site understands LD Pride too!

Here’s another site that looks at the positive side of learning disabilities! 

Dyslexia-Adult Site

Lot’s of tips and good advice for coping with adult dyslexia.

Dynamic Learning Company

Fostering the creativeness inside each adult student who is Learning Disabled , helping them take proactive steps to become a Dynamic Learner who faces complex academic and professional challenges.

Through the Eyes of the LD Child

Good Information and Links about learning disabilities.

Discover A Pal ! 

Here you can connect with other learning disabled people by becoming pen pals through email. To make a connection, just send in some information about yourself or email the people already signed up on the list.

Australian Dyspraxia Support Group & Resource Centre Incorporated  

Information for professionals and parents about Dyspraxia..

The Resource Room 

The mission of this site is to share resources and assistance for learning, especially about structured, multisensory teaching strategies for people with specific learning disabilities, dyslexia, learning differences, giftedness, and/or attention challenges. 

(The Center for Research in Educational and Adaptive Technology-assisted Environments)

Provides adaptive technology devoted to finding solutions for LD/ADD students.
The site also contains a great deal of useful information about LD/ADD.

SoftDesign International, Inc.

Offers video and software programs to help individuals with dyslexia.

LD World – Dyslexia : Strategies to Overcome

A well organized site with information about dyslexia. The site offers an in-depth explanation of dyslexia and many concrete suggestions to cope reading and writing difficulties.

Ideal Lives

Lot’s of links and idea for parents and professionals supporting individuals with special needs.

ADHD Online Resources


The web site of ADDitude Magazine, The Happy, Healthy Lifestyle Magazine for People with ADD. 

ADD Choices

This site aims to assist parents and teachers devise a plan of action AFTER AD/HD diagnosis. You will find information about: Learning Disabilities, learning strategies that work, Ritalin, dyslexia, dysgraphia, AD/HD, attention problems, biofeedback, learning styles, visual therapy, hyperactivity, homework, and working with Para professionals.

ADD Resources

A search engine for everything about Attention Deficit Disorder.

ADD Consultants

.D.D. Consults offers personal consultations via e-mail to provide psychoeducational information and resources about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

One ADD Place

A virtual neighborhood consolidating in ONE PLACE information and resources relating to Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), AD/HD and Learning Disorders (LD)

Online Free ADD Coach  

Helps you set goals for your future.


A positive site providing “lively, entertaining, intelligent and readable” information for people
with ADD.

ADD Contact

Promotes awareness of ADHD and provides practical help for people with the disorder.

ADD/ADHD Toronto

Lots of good information for ADD’ers living in Toronto, Canada.


A resource for Women and Girls with Attention Deficit Disorder

HADD-IT – Humorous ADDults Intriguing Themselves

This is one heck of a site. Very amusing and very pleasing to the eye!

Your Mining Co. Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder

They have ADD Chat and Online Support Groups. Also, check out their wide assortment of ADD personal home page links.

ADHD News and Information to help your child

An informative and well organized site with its very own free newsletter called “ADDed Attractions”.

Deaf-LD Online Resources

Gallaudet University Learning Disability Handbook

Adult and Youth Service Organizations


Provides educational and psychological resources and services to adults and adolescents with learning disabilities.

Dr. John Hosterman has a Ph.D, Learning Disabilities Specialist

Provides diagnostic testing for learning disabilities and ADD.

Adoption Care Services

Offers support services, groups, coaching, individual therapy & evaluations for those with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder who are adopted or parenting adopted LD/ADHD children. 

Camp Kodiak

Camp Kodiak is a residential, summer camp for children and teens with and without learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Duke University ADHD Program

An attractive web site offering ADHD diagnostic evaluations and  the opportunity to take part in clinical medication trials.

Learning Styles and Solutions Inc.

Learning Styles & Solutions is a full-service clinic for learning disabled children and adults. Services such as academic testing, psycho-educational evaluations, language training, occupational therapy, general academic support and organizational and study skills are offered on an individual basis.

Marin Puzzle People

Marin Puzzle People is a non-profit organization supporting adults with learning disabilities located in San Rafael, California. Services offered by the organization include a complete reference library of books, pamphlets, articles, tapes and videos on learning disabilities, referral services and a calendar of social activities.

College Bound Services 

Allen F. Tinkler, an Educational Consult, helps students with learning disabilities/ADD evaluate and decide which colleges have the services and programs which will best suit their needs.  

Excellence in Learning Disability Integration

A program designed to assist students with learning disabilities who have
chosen to study at the post-secondary level. Services includes an orientation program, assessments, academic advising, personal, academic and career counseling, a learning Strategist, and a mentoring program.


Provides professional assessment and services for children and adolescents with learning disabilities and attention deficits. Some of the many services offered include:  tutoring,  study and organizational skills classes, psychological evaluations, social skills groups, occupational therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and neuropsychological evaluations.

Hidden Handicaps Support Group

A peer support group for adults 25 years of age or older who have LD/ADD located in New York, America

Provincial Psychological Services

Offers professional counseling and assessment service in Saint Johns, Newfoundland. 

Independence Centre

Soar Adventure Opportunities

Integra Foundation

Dream Club   

Lit council

Literacy Link

V.A.L.U.E – Voices of Adult Literacy United for Education

LD Exclusive Colleges

Beacon College

Landmark College

LD Exclusive Schools

The LAB School

Hill Top Preparatory School

Eton Academy

Briarwood School

Bream’s Preparatory School

Hampshire Country School

Eagle Hill School

Gown School

The New Community School

Mailing Lists

LD/ADD Pride Mailing List

A support/social group for youth and adults with learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder to share their thoughts, idea’s, frustrations and get the support they need. The main purpose of the group is to provide peer support while also providing a means for social connection and information sharing. 

This list is a service provided by the Island Adult Development Association website (this website)  Our mission is to help adults with learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder take control of their lives, understand their disorder and learn to cope with it. 

Learning Disability Information Exchange

To subscribe to the list send mail to: ld-list@curry.edu 
In the body of the text type: subscribe ld-list

The Learning Disabilities (LD) List is run as a public service by PAL at Curry College. It is an opportunity for students, parents, educators and professionals from all over the world to share information about a variety of issues related to learning disabilities. It is monitored by Curry College faculty.


To subscribe: Send the message “SUBSCRIBE LDWOMEN
A list for adult women with learning disabilities. Its purpose is to provide a forum for women with learning disabilities to connect and share ideas, knowledge, and support.

Woman With learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder

To subscribe email: listserv@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM
and in the body of the message, put SUBSCRIBE WLDADD Firstname Lastname
For professionals in the fields of education, psychology, or health services, who are interested in topics relating to women and LD and/or attention deficit disorder. The focus will be primarily on adult women and learning differences and higher education. College educators, researchers, counselors, disability support staff, admissions or health services personnel, and psychologists or therapists in private practice may be particularly interested. Women educators or practitioners who have learning differences themselves are particularly welcome!

Living With ADD News

News letter about living with ADD, hosted by the Living with ADD website.


For adults who are ADD/ ADHD and who are looking for others to discuss the special needs associated with our disability. Contrary to past thinking, ADD and ADHD are not outgrown in childhood, but are carried on into adulthood. This list is for ADD and ADHD adults (often referred to as “Addults”) to discuss issues about medication, employment, relationships, finances, addictions, etc, and for those newly diagnosed ADDults who are looking for others like themselves to discuss the special needs associated with being an ADD or ADHD adult.

ADD Woman

This is a list for women with Attention Deficit Disorder, both with and without hyperactivity. Many women with ADD have different issues than men; women are considered responsible for household organization and often carry primary responsibility for child-rearing. This can be especially challenging, considering the high possibility of an ADD woman having ADD children. Participants can exchange tips, coping strategies and other information for dealing with their own ADD, as well as providing general support for one another. Our focus is on ourselves as individuals and women with ADD/ADHD in a non-ADD/ADHD world. This is not a parenting or children’s issues list. 


A place for women with ADD to give and receive advice, support, & encouragement along each step of their ADDmirable Journey. 

Learning Disability/ADD Books

 This site is book store specializing in books about disability. Here, you will find a whole host of books about learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and many other disabilities which you can buy online. Perhaps the best thing about purchasing books here is that 10% of the sale goes to helping LD Pride Online continue to serve you! 

Smart But Stuck

Myrna Orenstein’s book, Smart But Stuck, follows the journeys of people who found ways to successfully live with their learning disabilities. It is one of the few books about learning disabilities which explores the emotional toll of having this disability and offers guidance to therapists to help them work with such individuals. 

Hanging by a Twig –
Understanding and Counseling Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADD.

By Carol Wren, with psychotherapeutic commentary by Jay Einhorn.

This book is designed for psychotherapists and counselors who work with LD/ADD adults. The book looks at the the unique emotional issues faced by LD/ADD adults and provides guidelines for assessment and treatment. It uses real life stories of adults with LD/ADD to reveal the inner anger, depression and anxiety they experience.

LD Perspectives Booklets

Here you will find four online booklets edited by Carol T. Wren, Ph.D. You can read them on the web for free or buy yourself a copy. The booklets are geared to adult issues pertaining to learning disabilities. They include “Treatment Practices for Adult Patients with Learning Disabilities: The Patient’s Perspective”, ” College Students with Learning Disabilities: A Student’s Perspective”,  College and the High School student with learning disabilities: The Student’s Perspective”, and  Learning Disabilities, Graduate School, and Careers: The Student’s Perspective”.

California LDA Online Book Store

Here you will find hundreds of books on learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder including books on adult issues!

LAB School of Washington Books

Books include “No Easy Answers”, “Succeeding Against the Odds: How The Learning
Disabled  Can Realize Their Promise” (for adults), “Different Is Not Bad-Different Is The World”, 
and “Color Me Successful”

Other Invisible Disabilities

Conduct Disorders.com

 Provides support for parents with children who have a host of challenging disorders including ADD, anger control issue, etc.


Site for people with autism. Contains information about autism, a daily living guide, a discussion forum, and even Autistic Pride virtual greeting cards!

Autism Network International (ANI)

An autistic-run self-help and advocacy organization for autistic people. 

University Students With Autism And Asperger’s Syndrome

This is a site dedicated to the difficulties and unique experiences of people with Aspergers Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism attending college or university.

Canadian Hyperlexia Association

Contains in-depth information about Hyperlexia, strategies for coping with everyday problems, and real life stories written by people who have Hyperlexia.

American Hyperlexia Association

This site will tell you everything you need to know about what Hyperlexia is, what can be done to help people with Hyperlexia and where to get help. 

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Assistance and Training Organization

A non-profit Organization dedicated to developing efficient and effective community responses for children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects (FAS) in partnership with professionals and parents.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Community Resource Center

This site puts a face to this hidden disability. It contains a wide assortment of information about FAS and its emotional and social affects.

Sun Rise Program

Autism treatment Program

Web Sites By and For LD/ADD and Deaf-LD people

The following web sites are by and for LD/ADD or Deaf-LD youth and adults:

If you are an LD/ ADD or Deaf-LD youth or adult with your own site you can help build our online community by emailing me the address of your site which I may add to this list.

See Link Agreement for more details.

Jenny Burm’s Experiences with Dyslexia

A huge personal website about Jenny’s experiences with dyslexia. This beautifully designed and well organized web site is full of useful information about what is like to like to live with dyslexia and how to cope with it in everyday life.

William – The Artist

William Langlois uses his unique style of art to come to terms with dylexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These original painting are guaranteed to take your breath away with their beauty and creativity!

Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD) 
Cyber Advocacy and Support Group

Lisa Marti’s tells us her story of being diagnosed with NLD. She provides her site as a online resource for people with NLD and others involved in the field to share their experiences, support one another and gain information and resources.  A bulletin board is included on the site in order to facilitate this process.  


As a gifted artist and LD adult Matt is sure to heighten your sense of LD Pride!   

Great As Gold

Mahal and her mom have put this delightful site together  to study the lives of successful people with dyslexia. You can read about the lives of such people as Ennis Cosby, Cher, Lindsay Wagner, Thomas Edison and others… 

Through the Eyes of the LD Child

Find out what Richard Evans, an LD/dyslexic adult, is doing to help promote more awareness of learning disabilities. Then read Richards own true story of having LD.

Jason’s Learning Disability Site

As a young person Jason has developed his site for other LD youth. Let him show you his fantastic web design skills while he shares his LD experience, and provides you with some great information.

Jeff’s ADD/ADHD Site

Let Jeff tell you his story about living with ADD and learning disabilities.

Dyslexia – My Life

Girard Sag miller has written his own book about his experiences with dyslexia. His site is very beautifully designed with a wealth of information.

Teens vs. Dyslexia

Dyslexic teens speak out about what it is like.

Archie Willard – Learning Disability Home Page

Archie shares his story of  being an adult dyslexic. He is now doing great things for the LD community through the establishment of  A New National Adult Learner Organization.

All About ADDults

This site has an extremely active mailing list for you to join.

Deaf Links

Pick a topic:


Online Resources



Deaf Sports

Deaf Culture

Associations – More wanted

National Association for the Deaf

Online Resources

Deaf World Web


Deaf Zone

Deaf Information Exchange

Deaf Clubs

Deaf Entertainment – Got any more?

Deaf Entertainment Online


Gallaudet University

Deaf Sports

World Games for the Deaf

International Committee of Sports for the Deaf

United States Deaf Skiers Association

Deaf Culture and SAL

Hands On

DEAF logy 101

Cindy’s Home Page on SAL and Deaf Culture

Well that’s all folks. We hope it helps.

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