What Is LD Pride To Us?

We believe LD Pride is…

  • Knowing that being learning disabled is nothing to be ashamed about
  • Not being ashamed to advocate for accommodations you need
  • Believing that you are smart and have lots of thing to offer the the world
  • Recognizing talents and abilities that may be linked to your LD such as:
  • Artistic ability or a gift in a particular area such as math, memory, or
    verbal acuity.
  • An identity:
  • Anyone can be learning disabled, but not all people have LD Pride.
  • A sense of community with other LD people

But, don’t take our word for it. Unlike Deaf Pride, LD Pride is a very new concept. Therefore, we are trying to gather other people’s viewpoints on this question.  So why not, check out: What is LD Pride to you?