Learning Disability Checklist

Learning Disability Checklist
by Gary Singler, Ed.D

Important Disclaimer:

This checklist is not intended for diagnostic purposes and should not replace a qualified professional. It may, however, give you an idea of whether or not you should be seeking diagnosis.

  While in school, words like “slow”, “lazy”, “dumb”, and so forth used as descriptions.

  When traveling, becomes lost or confused easily.

  Academic classes (History, Social studies, etc.) were harder than  shop classes


  ….shop classes were much harder than academic classes

  Unemployed a lot or employed at jobs that were not up to my skills?

  Attempted suicide?

  Have now or have had drug or alcohol problems?

  Have been convicted of serious criminal offenses.

  Quit school before graduation.

  Did or do have trouble writing words, letters, or numbers backwards

  Did or do have difficulty telling right from left.

  Been fired from job(s) or quit because of inability to do work.

  Left handed or ambidextrous (use both).

  Cannot make simple line drawings.

  Lose place frequently when reading.

  Has difficulty or is slow at copying from a book or chalk board.

  Handwriting difficult to do and/or hard to read/or sloppy.

  Generally considered to be clumsy.

  Has nervous tics or involuntary movements.

  Cannot or has difficulty keeping “time” to music.

  Has a hard time remaining still.

  Is very shy or very bold.

  Difficulty getting along with peers.

  Verbal language is disconnected or rambling.

  Needs extra reassurance when attempting tasks.

  Reading is not well developed.

  Math is difficult.

  Difficulty now or in past learning to tell time.

  Difficulty learning and/or using using weights and measures such as:

inches, ounces, feet, pounds, miles, quarts, etc..

  Has difficulty following directions when told to them.

  Has difficulty with organization of time and/or things.

  Difficulty with being on time.

  Becomes confused when hurried when under pressure.

  Has a difficult time making decisions.

  Daydreams enough to interfere with staying on task.

  Has a difficult time concentrating on one thing.

  Difficulty sequencing events, time, or things.