Anger Management with ADD and Learning Disabilities

Let’s Talk About Anger By Elizabeth Bogod Executive Director Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association. Pick a topic: Anger and Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder Anger Management for Everyone   Possible Concerns For People With Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder Anger and frustration about the impact your LD/AD(H)D has on your life Its […]

Top 5 Emotional Difficulties of People with Learning Disabilities

Adults with learning disabilities often feel shame, fear, emotional sensitivity, emotional regulation, and struggle with adjusting to change. We describe these 5 difficulties so you can see if you face these issues. Shame Fear Emotional Sensitivity Emotional Regulation Difficulty of Adjusting to Change 1. Shame People growing up with a learning disability often feel a […]

LD Self-Advocacy Manual

Published with Permission Of Writer:  Scott L. Crouse, Ph.D. from A website dedicated to the advancement of practical knowledge and understanding about the often mysterious world of Learning Disabilities.  Illustrated by Kristin N. Crouse (age 10) Copyright © 1996 Scott L. Crouse Click here to Jump to the Table of Contents Introduction “Hello. My […]

The Connection Between Ultra-sensitivity and LD/ADD

   Part One – The Connection between Ultra-sensitivity and LD/ADD Part Two – The Affects of Ultra-sensitivity on Our Lives Part Three – The Gifts of Ultra-sensitivity (In Progress) Websites and Links – View other websites about Ultra-sensitivity Part One – The Connection between Ultra-sensitivity and LD/ADD By Elizabeth Bogod Do you sometimes feel that you unusually overreact to everyday […]

Top Ten Learning Tips

Among recent reports on learning techniques, the definitive study was written by James Dunlosky, from Kent State University, and colleagues. They carried out an extensive review of the literature on learning techniques in which they evaluated ten commonly used learning techniques. Annie Murphy Paul, writing for time ideas, noted that professor Dunlosky felt that highlighting the material […]