Finding Your LD/ADD Pride Accepting Your LD/ADD
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Generally, people move back and forth between two or more stages before accepting their LD/ADD. While reading through the descriptions of each stage above, you have probably asked yourself what stage(s) you are at. 

The following assessment will help you further clarify this question.

A) Score each statement in the columns below by giving yourself the appropriate number:

1 for
2 for
3 for

 I rarely or never think or feel this way
 I sometimes think or feel this way
 I often think or feel this way
B) Click on the "submit" button at the end of the questionnaire to see your score!

1. Lately I feel a need to blame someone for lost opportunities that can be linked to my LD/ADD.
2. I am tired of fighting my LD/ADD
3. I'm working so hard to manage my LD/ADD, but it still a problem in my life. This is getting very frustrating.
4. I often feel hostile or resentful towards others who don't have to deal with LD/ADD or seem to have much easier lives.
5. Lately, I have been trying to find ways to make my LD/ADD go away or no longer be a problem for me.
6. I've got LD/ADD and there's nothing I can do about it
7. Lately, I have not been feeling so angry and/or upset about having LD/ADD. I think I am beginning to feel more at peace with the disability.
8. I often wonder if I am stupid or lazy and question my ability to succeed. I do not feel very hopeful about my future.
9. Lately, I have an expectation that if I make every effort to manage my LD/ADD it won't be a problem anymore.
10. I feel more comfortable telling people about my LD/ADD than ever before.
11. I often hope for a short break from the effects of my LD/ADD when I have an important event (e.g. job interview, exam, social get together) in my life that I do not want to mess up. I do not put any real strategies in place to make this possible. I just expect my LD/ADD to comply.
12. I can't believe I have LD/ADD. There must be a mistake.
13. It makes me mad to think about all the losses my LD/ADD has caused throughout my life.
14. There's no such thing as LD/ADD (i.e. it's just an excuse, or a learning difference.)
15. I have overcome my LD/ADD
16. Why do I have to deal with LD/ADD when others don't? It's so unfair.
17. I don't need to make changes in my life to cope with my LD/ADD.
18. I feel more hopeful about my future with LD/ADD and my ability to succeed.
19. When I look back on my life I realize how many losses I have experienced that can be attributed to my LD/ADD. This thought makes me real sad.
20. I think I can learn to live with my LD/ADD

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