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Help Read is a FREE text reader that reads web pages and other text files out loud.

To use it you will have to download it on to your computer. If you have any problems please See Trouble Shooting.

You can either link to the actual Help Read site... 
(Hawaii Education Literacy Project)


Follow LD Pride's step by step instructions right here...

1.  System Requirements: To run Help Read you will need....
  • Windows 3.1 or later 
  • At least 4MB RAM 
  • 2 MB hard disk space 
  • A sound card and speaker
  • PKUnzip (this is a file decompression program)
2.  Download Help Read...

Click here to download Help Read

A window will pop up asking for you to choose the directory where you wish to download Help Read. For example, you could choose the "Temp" directory.

Click the "Save" button.

Wait for Help Read to download.

3. Unzip File

After Help Read has finished downloading, you must "Unzip" or decompress the file. You need PKUnzip to do this.

To do this...

Click the "Start" button at the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen.

Find Windows Explorer and open the program. 

Locate readzip1 within Windows Explorer.

Please note: 
You may now wish to create a sub directory folder for Help Read to keep everything neat and tidy. 

To do this....

Click on the Menu Option "File" in Windows Explorer.

Move your mouse to "New..." A another menu will appear.

Click on "Folder"

Name the folder "Help Read" or what ever else will help you remember it.

Find readzip1 and highlight it with your mouse.

Click "Edit" on your Windows Explorer menu bar.

Click "Cut."

Open the "Help Read" Folder by clicking on it.

Click "Edit" on your Windows Explorer menu bar.

Click "Paste" The readzip1 file will be pasted in the sub directory you have just created. 

Nice Job!

Unzipping continues....

Click readzip1. It will automatically start the decompression Process! 

Please note: If it does not work you do not have the PKunzip program.

After it has finished unzipping you will get a pop up message telling you how to exit the window. It will tell you to...

Go to the upper right hand corner of the window where readzip1 is typed and Click on the Dos icon. A menu will appear.

Click "Close".

You have now unzipped the file!

4.  Install Help Read
Click on "Setup" within Window Explorer.

Please note: There are two Setup files. The one you want has a blue computer in its icon. The other one has a notepad as an icon. Do not pick this one.

Now, go through the setup process. You can more or less say O.K  for every question.

Once Help Read been installed you will see a window with the 
Help Read icon. 

You can click on the Help Read icon  to open the program
or Click here to find out how to create a shortcut  (optional) for easy access to  the Help Read program. Then go to step 5...

To create a Shortcut...

Place your mouse over it and press the right mouse button.
A menu will pop up.

Click "Create Shortcut".

Now Drag the Help Read icon on to your desktop. 

Now you can access Help Read with ease. 

Exit Windows Explorer.

Click the Help Read on your desktop to start the program and then Exit the Program.

5.  Set up Help Read as a "Helper" in Netscape Communicator 4.05


It seems that on certain higher versions of Netscape the program is made a "helper" automatically. I recommend that you check to see if this is the case for you before going through this process.  You can do this by connecting to the web, accessing a web page and then pressing the "Web button" on the tool bar of the Help Read program.

Open Netscape 4.05. Help Read will work with both later and earlier versions of Netscape, but the systems may have subtle differences.

Click "Edit" on Netscape's Menu Bar.

Click "Preferences..."

Click the minus sign next to "Navigator". 

Click "Applications"

Click "New Type"

In the "Description of Type" text field write "Help Read "

In the "File Extension" text field write "BOK"

In the "MIME type" text field write "application".

Press the "Browse" Button.

Find the Help Read Program in your file management system. (It is the file with the the icon of little man holding up a book).

Highlight it and Click the "Open button".

It will automatically  transfer into the "Application of use" text field.

Click O.K.

7.  Try Help Read

Open Help Read from your Desktop or Start Menu.

Make sure your speaker(s) are turned on.

Press the "Web" button.

Press Read and listen to it read.

You've Done it!!! Happy site reading.

If it does not work please See Trouble Shooting Below.


Trouble Shooting

If HELP Read loads text O.K., but appears to freeze when trying to read or gets a "General Program Fault" try this:

Delete the provw.ini file in the Windows directory. This file will be recreated the next time HELP Read is run.

If this does not work delete these files in the Windows Directory:

1.   EN11K8.DLL 
2.   FBV_EN.DIC 

...and reinstall Help Read.

If that does not work email  the folks at Help Read and they will attempt to help you.